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meet your daily ritual

Ritual Sweat Society is an inclusive yoga studio located in Dartmouth. We are a community that explores various expressions of yoga, health, wellness, and fitness forms alike. We are the REBEL yogis.  We are not afraid to sweat and move our bodies to music.  We CRAVE oxytocin release and the benefits of it! Ritual Sweat Society encourages individuality, dedication, and commitment to supporting oneself and others.


Our classes are both physically and mentally challenging, yet meant for ALL levels of fitness.  We know our clients WILL see results, sweat, and release. We want to be your daily RITUAL; the place you come to focus inward and let go of the outside world. 

 Ritual Sweat Society is committed to providing education to our hometown and local residents. We want to SHARE resources, support, and motivation towards healthier and fulfilled lives within our community and around the globe. Through movement, nutrition, and community, Ritual encourages you along your journey of self-care and self-love infinitely. 


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